Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Truck bed air mattresses are made to fit over the wheel wells of your truck bed. A truck bed air mattress enables you to have a comfortable sleeping area when your out camping in your truck or Overlanding. Cutouts on each side allow the air mattress to fit around and over the wheel wells of the pickup truck, creating a sleeping area that utilizes the entire truck bed.  Truck bed air mattresses either come equipped with integrated or external air pumps that plug into the DC “cigarette lighter” type power port of your truck.

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    Showing 1–12 of 34 results

    ​How to Measure the Truck Bed Air Mattress

    When measuring your truck bed you need to measure 3 different places.

    1. The length of the truck bed from the cab to the tailgate. If you want a longer mattress be sure to include the length of the tailgate in your measurements.
    2. The width from one sidewall to the next
    3. The width between the two wheel well walls.

    The most important measurement is #3, between the wheel wells. If your truck bed air mattress doesn’t fit, this is where the problem usually lies (no pun intended). Only truck bed air mattresses include the cut-outs for the wheel wells.

    Benefits Of Having A Truck Bed Air Mattress

    Sleeping on a truck bed air mattress is less expensive than having to pay to sleep in a motel. Basically it will pay for itself in one or two nights. When traveling and the bed is not in not in use it can be easily deflated and tucked away in the bed or under the cabin seat.

    If you have a long road trip and you’re starting to get tired, you can pull off into a rest stop. The truck air bed mattress can be quickly inflated and used to catch a few hours of sleep before getting back on the road.

    Sleeping on a truck bed air mattress is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and sleeping in the truck bed offers protection from wild animals and moisture.