Recovery Boards

One of the essentials in off-road recovery gear is a good set of recovery boards. You’ll be happy you have a set of these when you get stuck in the mud or sand. In tandem with your winch, recovery boards will never stop you from moving forward. Overlanded has a large selection of recovery boards in a dozen different colors in a variety of different lengths and features. Browse our selection of recovery boards below.

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    One of the challenges of off-roading is getting traction when you need it. Large tires and deep treads are designed to give you the best contact with the ground and give you the best grip. If you find yourself going nowhere fast you’ve lost traction and that’s where recovery boards (also called traction mats) come into play. Recovery boards give you the extra traction needed to get unstuck from the mud, sand or snow. Having a set of recovery boards will get you on your way quickly giving you more time for fun and less time being stuck.

    Being prepared for the unknown is what experienced Overlanders are ready for. It’s not guaranteed but eventually, with the terrain you find when Overlanding, you will need to get out of trouble using recovery boards. You will also see these used to bridge a short gap, give added stability to an old bridge or get yourself across a big rut. Recovery boards have many uses when you’re off-road. Get yourself a set today so you can get past the trouble and on to the fun.