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Overlanding Gear: WaterPORT Day Tank

Overlanding Gear: WaterPORT Day Tank

For the majority of off-roaders, finding enough water on the road to rinse or clean gear or even wash off the day’s grime and mud is difficult. In an effort to address this issue, you could try the WaterPORT Day Tank, a 3.8 gallon, self-pressurized water tank. This handy device mounts to your vehicle and offers a reliable supply of water for numerous outdoor uses, such as washing equipment or serving as an outdoor shower.

It provides pressured water for a couple of fast showers (per filling) to freshen up and still has enough capacity to wash your muddy dog after a hike. You can also use it to quickly clean your hands or rinse dishes.

The WaterPORT Day Tank is self-pressurizing. This means that it takes in water pressure from a typical garden hose (fill it before you leave for a trip at home or from a water source at a campground or elsewhere).

If you need to fill it while out in the wild, just use the hand pump that takes the place of the filler cap (which is an additional fee) and pump the pressure manually. Another method of pressurizing is to combine the Schrader valve with an onboard air pump.

With numerous vehicle mounting possibilities, the device is incredibly versatile. There are options for placing it on a crossbar or rail mount, a trailer hitch mount, and even the Toyota bed rail system. When you travel and it’s bright and sunny, mount it on a roof rack bar so the water warms up quickly. And it’s always prepared for use at your next stop.

Initial installation is quick and simple; it will only take you a few minutes. The fast-release feature on the tank makes it simple to take it out of the mount after installation. Even when traveling and there are no amenities accessible, it is perfect for taking a quick cool shower.

A 6-foot hose, a spray nozzle, and a sizable filling cap are included with the WaterPORT Day Tank to make it simple to supply water when hoses aren’t an option. When entirely empty, the unit fills in roughly 60 seconds when using a garden hose with typical pressure.

The 3.85 Gallon WaterPORT Day Tank

It has a handle for easier carrying. However, given its size and shape, it’s clumsy and very heavy when full. If your destination is a campground with a water supply, it’s easiest to store it on the roof rack or cargo area while you’re driving and just fill it with a hose after it’s in its mount.

Once you used one, you will consider the WaterPORT Day Tank to be an essential component of your essential Overland gear. Do you need less water capacity of maybe more water? WaterPORT has two more portable water tank systems. Those options are below.

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