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Truck Air Bed Mattresses

Using a Truck Bed Air Mattress for Pickup Camping

Truck camping has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly due to the surge in camping interest caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truck bed tents are now available for almost every truck model on the market, but if you plan on turning your truck into a temporary bedroom, there’s one very important piece of equipment […]

What You Need In Your Overland Kitchen

What You Need In Your Overland Kitchen

When you think about preparing your Overland kitchen, your first inclination might be to consider what you want to eat while you’re camping. But before you get too busy preparing spices and sides for your camp meals, you might also want to think about your Overland camping gear–particularly the gear for your kitchen.  Camping cookware […]

Overlanding Gear: WaterPORT Day Tank

Overlanding Gear: WaterPORT Day Tank

For the majority of off-roaders, finding enough water on the road to rinse or clean gear or even wash off the day’s grime and mud is difficult. In an effort to address this issue, you could try the WaterPORT Day Tank, a 3.8 gallon, self-pressurized water tank. This handy device mounts to your vehicle and […]

Review of the Camp Chef Rainier Camping Stove

Review of the Camp Chef Rainier Camping Stove

Check out a first-hand look at the Camp Chef Rainier camping stove by Chase Gibson of the OK Adventures YouTube channel. Give him a like and follow after you’re done watching! Watch the video for a special code at the end for a discount on the Camp Chef Rainier stove.

Roof Top Tents

Roof Top Tents – A Buyers Guide

A roof top tent is an essential piece of Overlanding gear if you want to make your adventure more enjoyable. Overlanding with a roof top tent allows you to be closer to nature but keeps you protected from the weather and out of reach from most wildlife you might encounter in the wilderness.  Having a […]

Portable Refrigerator Freezers

Portable Refrigerator/Freezers for Overlanding

What is a portable refrigerator/freezer? It is the modern equivalent of the camping cooler. It’s an electrically powered self-contained refrigerator and freezer all built into one unit. A portable refrigerator/freezer stores food and drinks keeping them cool and fresh.  The portable refrigerator/freezer is specifically designed with a high-efficiency cooling motor to keep food from spoiling and drinks ice cold. Keep your […]

Camping with kids

Tips for Camping With Kids

Away from electronics and all the distractions of modern life, camping offers an unbeatable way for families to relax and connect. It’s also an opportunity to help children discover the pleasures of the great outdoors. Test the waters before investing money in camping equipment. Borrow or rent a tent, camping stove and other items. While […]

Camping Tips

Tips for a Better Camping Trip

You can get the most of your camping trip with some preplanning that will make the experience more comfortable Anything that gives you a good night’s sleep is worthwhile. For better rest, try sleeping on a self-inflating air mattress rather than a sleeping bag. A tasty meal can enhance the enjoyment of any endeavor, so […]