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Overlanding Checklist

Overlanding Essentials Checklist

As with most anything else in life, it’s important to be prepared whenever you head off-road. Whether you’re Overlanding or just spending an afternoon on the trails, the best way to ensure that you have everything you need for yourself and your vehicle is to create an Overlanding supplies checklist for each trip. This can […]

Guide to Overland Bed Racks

Guide to Overland Bed Racks

Truck bed racks have become more popular than ever thanks to the increasingly mainstream interest in Overlanding and off-road camping. No matter what size of truck you have, the problem always remains that you can only fit so much gear in the truck bed and still be able to access it during your journey. This […]

Spare Tire Carriers

Spare Tire Carriers for Overlanding

Before heading out on your next adventure, being prepared is the most important step. One essential item that has to be included in your collection of Overlanding gear is a spare tire. However, simply stashing it in the back of your vehicle can take up valuable cargo space and make it difficult to access when […]

Truck Air Bed Mattresses

Using a Truck Bed Air Mattress for Pickup Camping

Truck camping has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly due to the surge in camping interest caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truck bed tents are now available for almost every truck model on the market, but if you plan on turning your truck into a temporary bedroom, there’s one very important piece of equipment […]

What You Need In Your Overland Kitchen

What You Need In Your Overland Kitchen

When you think about preparing your Overland kitchen, your first inclination might be to consider what you want to eat while you’re camping. But before you get too busy preparing spices and sides for your camp meals, you might also want to think about your Overland camping gear–particularly the gear for your kitchen.  Camping cookware […]

Cheap Overland Vehicles for 2023

Below is an excerpt and updated list from our very popular article on the Best Overlanding Vehicles. In this article, we focus on entry-level vehicles that are capable of handling most off-road adventures with ease. We have added a few more vehicles to this article compared to our previous one and we have updated the […]

The Best Overlanding Apps (updated for 2023)

When it’s time to hit the road (or the trail) one of the first resources we turn to is our trusty phone to help us navigate to our intended destination. This isn’t your Dad’s trip to Florida. We don’t need to dig out those outdated paper maps from the glove compartment and determine which route […]

Overland Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

Overland Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

The most important step in preparing for your next Overlanding adventure is making sure your vehicle is ready too. Having a regular maintenance routine for your Overlanding vehicle just makes sense and can benefit you in the short and long term. It could mean the difference between getting your vehicle back on the trail promptly […]