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Hiking Nutrition

Hiking Nutrition – What Food to Eat on Your Next Hike

When you’re Overlanding it’s not out of the ordinary to add in a hike or two at one of your waypoints. Planning what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is part of the overall trip planning process for your adventure. However, what to eat when you go on a hike might not be something […]

How To Touch Up Vehicle Paint

How To Touch Up Vehicle Paint

The trail is a rough and tumble place for Overlanding vehicles. Debris, rocks, tree branches, and various random hazards can result in scratches or chips to your paint while you’re traveling off-road. Some of you may have no problem with this, “it gives my truck character”, while others want their vehicle to remain as flawless […]

Buying a Used Vehicle for Overlanding

The Complete Guide to Buying a Used Vehicle for Overlanding

Buying a used Overlanding vehicle is a chance for you to get a faithful companion for the trail but making an informed and educated decision is not possible without doing your homework first. We’ll do our best to prevent you from buying someone else’s problem. The guide below includes a comprehensive list of things to […]

Health Benefits of Camping

7 Health Benefits of Camping

Do you suffer from nature deficit disorder? Nature deficit disorder is a term coined in Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods, describing how human beings are spending less and less time out in nature resulting in a wide array of problems. Are you constantly shuffling from obligation to obligation without time to unwind […]

Overlanding for Beginners - A Complete Guide

Overlanding for Beginners – A Complete Guide

If you love camping, road trips and adventure, you’ll love Overlanding. Whether it’s following the beautiful trails of the National Parks or intense off-road exploration that’s for you to decide. What is Overlanding and How is it Different from Off-Roading? Overlanding Overlanding isn’t taking a relaxing weekend away at a local campsite simply driving off-road. […]

Guide to Recovery Gear for Overlanding

Guide to Recovery Gear for Overlanding

Being Prepared for the Inevitable As capable as your Overlanding vehicle might be, it’s still only a matter of time before you get stuck on a trail. Simply put, getting stuck is a common occurrence for anyone who goes off-road on a regular basis. Maybe you decide to take a trail that’s a bit too […]

Overlanding Checklist

Overlanding Essentials Checklist

As with most anything else in life, it’s important to be prepared whenever you head off-road. Whether you’re Overlanding or just spending an afternoon on the trails, the best way to ensure that you have everything you need for yourself and your vehicle is to create an Overlanding supplies checklist for each trip. This can […]

Guide to Overland Bed Racks

Guide to Overland Bed Racks

Truck bed racks have become more popular than ever thanks to the increasingly mainstream interest in Overlanding and off-road camping. No matter what size of truck you have, the problem always remains that you can only fit so much gear in the truck bed and still be able to access it during your journey. This […]