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Review of the Camp Chef Rainier Camping Stove

Review of the Camp Chef Rainier Camping Stove

Check out a first-hand look at the Camp Chef Rainier camping stove by Chase Gibson of the OK Adventures YouTube channel. Give him a like and follow after you’re done watching! Watch the video for a special code at the end for a discount on the Camp Chef Rainier stove.

Peanut Butter Cup Smores

Serves: any Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:graham crackerschocolate peanut butter cupsmarshmallows How to Prepare:Melt a marshmallow on the end of a roasting fork. Place a peanut butter cup on half of a graham cracker. Using the top of the graham cracker, scoop the marshmallow unto the peanut butter cup. top with graham cracker and allow the […]


Serves: 1-2 Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:1 Egg3/4 Cup milk2 T Oil1 Cup flour1 T Sugar3 t Baking powder1/2 t Salt How to Prepare:Mix together egg, milk, oil, and sugar. Combine flour, baking powder and salt. Stir the egg and flour mixtures together. Cook pancakes on a hot pan until done.

Deep Fried Pancakes

Serves: any Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:Instant Pancake MixWaterVegetable oilBacon FatLarge Zip-loc Bag How to Prepare: Mix instant pancake mix and water in Zip-loc bag. Melt Bacon fat and combine with vegetable oil until there’s about a 1/4 inch of oil in the pan. Cut a corner off of the zip-loc bag and squeeze out pancake […]

Buckwheat Pancakes

Serves: 1-2 Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:1 c buckwheat flour1/4 tsp salt2 tsp baking powder2 Tbsp dry milk1 Tbsp dry egg powder1 tsp butter or oil How to Prepare:At home:Mix all dry ingredients and store in a ziplock bag. At camp:Add 3/4 c of water to 1 c of the mix. Stir to blend. Heat 1 […]

30-Min Herbed Pork Cutlets

Serves: 3-4 Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:1 Egg1/3 c Dry bread crumbs1/4 c Fresh basil, chopped2 tb Fresh oregano, chopped1 tb Parmesan, fresh grated1 ts Fresh thyme, chopped1/2 ts Pepper1/4 ts Salt1 lb Fast-fry pork cutlets2 tb Vegetable oil How to Prepare:In a shallow dish, lightly beat the egg. In a separate shallow dish, stir together […]

Chuck Wagon Stew

Serves: 5-6 Prep time: 60m+ Ingredients:1 lb of ground beef4 med. potatoes1/2 Tbsp of garlic powder1/2 cup of veg. oil1 16 oz. can of red beans (I use ranch style).1/4 tsp of salt1/4 tsp of black pepper1 med. onion,(if you like) How to Prepare:In a dutch oven add beans and set aside. Brown beef in […]

Cheesy Dogs

Serves: 1-2 Prep time: 1-30m Ingredients:Cheese slices ( I prefer cheddar because it gives the hot dogs that certain taste)beef hotdogsbuns How to Prepare:Wrap the cheese around the hotdog. Then cook it. Put it on a bun and add any condiment you want.