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Hyponatremia – The Flipside of Dehydration

Introduction Often times, we discuss the need for proper hydration. Typically focusing on dehydration with suggestions that imply you should drink fluid at some sort of interval regardless of thirst in order to “stay ahead” of your thirst and prevent dehydration. Could there be a downside to staying hydrated? Dehydration does have an evil twin […]

wilderness programs

Types of Wilderness Programs

Survival, Primitive or Traditional There are many types of wilderness experiences and training available to you. There is no one program that has it all or is the best for everyone. In this article, we have included three types of wilderness skills programs (survival, primitive & traditional) and a table of activities ranked by level […]

hiking vacation

Hiking Vacations

So you’d like to go hiking or backpacking, but are stuck on the idea of taking a hiking vacation, instead of trudging endlessly through the woods, unsure of where you might end up for the night? Hiking vacations are an ideal way for those who don’t feel they have enough experience to backpack alone, or […]