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conserving energy when hiking

Conserving Energy on the Trail

Thoughts and opinions on conserving energy and reducing fatigue on the trail. Introduction We put together some ways in which you can help conserve energy and even reduce soreness at the end of the day. Most of us don’t hike on a regular basis, so the act of trekking in unfamiliar terrain can be trying […]

hiking boots

Hiking Boots – What You Should Know

Hiking Boot Types Light Weight: Lightweight hiking boots usually consist of a split-grain leather and rugged material combination. Split grain is any leather that is not from the actual outside layer of a cow’s hide – better known as suede. It is more flexible than top grain leather and easier to break-in. It is not […]

backpack guide

Backpacks – A Guide

Don’t buy bigger than you need You don’t need a monster pack if you’re hiking spring through fall and care at all about keeping pack weight down. The larger the backpack, the more space you’ll be tempted to fill with non-essential items. Also, common sense tells us: Larger Pack = More Material = More Weight […]